Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | March 25, 2008

Zero budget farming catching up, claims organisor

Senior officials in Tamil Nadu Government have shown keen interest in the utility of Zero Budget Farming, a new system being adopted in different parts, particularly Western sides, of India.

This is a concept, by which different inter-crops aresown along with the main crop, without any external outputs and totally against organic and chemical farming, Subash Palekar, Organisor, Zero Budget Farng, told reporters on Friday.

There would be no manure, fertilisers, pesticides and no vermicompost for this ‘natural farming’ and required hardly 10 per cent of water and electricity needed for normal farming, Palekar claimed.

Palekar said that he had met and discussed the issue with Tamil Nadu chief secretary, L K Tripathi and Agriculture secretary, Surjit K Choudhry yesterday, who have shown keen interest to utilise the concept in the State.

‘Zero Budget farming is a remedy to prevent the suicides among the farming community, since they can gain money from thE inter-crops, even if the main crop fails,’ he said.

A four-day training on the system has been arranged from tomorrow here, in which 2450 farmers are participating, he said.




  1. self intrsted in zero budget farming more details please!

  2. subsidy given to manufavutres of fertilizer companies should be banned immediately .it is a national waste .the only profit makers are the companies . Use of fertilizers and pesticides are encouraged by a politicians who want to make a quick buck .farmers are never the wiser .only way for the earning community to come out of this mess is zero budget earning

  3. Dear All,

    It is noval idea of doing Natural farming.
    For small farmer like us can we adapt it?
    Would like to have details for 3 acare tube well irrigated land?

  4. Shri.Subhash Palekarji’s Zero Budget of Natural Farming is the Last Resort for our Poor Indian Farmers. I practiced it and the Jeevamirtha -the Miracle culture works very efficiently in all types of soil and land. No need to wait for many years for the soil enrichment like the so called Organic Farming. Why our Tamilnadu Government and Central Governments not to take any steps to propagate this extraordinary technique of Farming Method to our Farmers? Karnataka and Kerala State Governments are very much interested to develop and the announce special subsidies for the farmers who follow the method.

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