Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | March 26, 2008

Organic Growers Alliance Launches Website

The OGA chose its very first AGM at Coleshill Organics, near Swindon to launch its presence on the internet – The first year of the organisation, which was established to represent organic growers, has also seen the establishment of a well received quarterly journal The Organic Grower, organised a number of farm walks and seminars and a producer conference, in conjunction with The Organic Research Centre –Elm Farm. Membership has risen to more than 120 from a standing start. The alliance has been active in setting up the Organic Apprenticeship Scheme with the Soil Association and fighting the corner for organic growers where it has been necessary.

The AGM was remarkable, not only for the absence of suits but for the sense of community felt by the thirty or so growers who attended and the shared passion for growing and selling organic produce. The members present felt that in order for the OGA to become the voice of organic horticulture it needed to grow its membership and the website should help achieve that. The website gives details of the programme of farm walks and events in 2008 and there is a growers blog.source:



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