Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | July 26, 2008

EPA Acts To Reduce Toxic Pesticide — Carbofuran — Residue In Food

Due to considerable risks associated with the pesticide carbofuran in food and drinking water, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is revoking the regulations that allow carbofuran residues in food.
Carbofuran is used to control insects in a wide variety of crops, including soybeans, potatoes and corn. It is a systemic insecticide, which means that the plant absorbs it through the roots, distributing it primarily to vessels, stems and leaves.

Even though carbofuran is used on a small percentage of the U.S. food supply and therefore the likelihood of exposure through food is low, EPA has identified risks that do not meet the EPA food safety standards.

Carbofuran is also known to be highly toxic to birds. EPA is proceeding on the path toward cancellation of the pesticide registration, which will address the risks to pesticide applicators and birds in treated fields.

As part of this effort, EPA is also releasing its response to the peer review conducted by the independent Scientific Advisory Panel and the agency’s response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s comments on the effect of the cancellation of carbofuran on the agricultural economy.

Further information can be found on the EPA’s Carbofuran Cancellation Process web page

source: sciencedaily


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