Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | July 15, 2008

Uganda: Citizen Elected On World Organic Body

THE coordinator of the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda, Moses Muwanga, has been elected member of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM).

This was during IFOAM’s 16th general assembly in Vignola, Italy, held from June 18 to 24. Four hundred members from 120 countries elected 10 people on the board, including Muwanga, the only African.

IFOAM is a global body that unites all stakeholders in organic agriculture.

Today, consumers in international markets prefer products grown using natural methods, with due respect to environmental concerns.

Addressing a press conference recently, Muwanga said: “IFOAM assists organic movements. We now have a big opportunity to bring out burning issues in the organic sub-sector,” he said.

Muwanga said the global development of organic agriculture has been partially driven by trade.

“The world market for organic products is estimated to be above $30b (sh50 trillion).”

He said the number of organic-exporting companies in Uganda has grown from five in 2001 to 38. For the last three years, the average annual growth rate for organic farming has been 60% in Uganda and 25% globally.

Alastair Taylor, the regional manager of Agro-Eco Eastern Africa, said Muwanga’s election signifies Uganda’s role in promoting organic farming. Currently, Uganda has over 50,000 certified organic farmers.
In 2004, 800 organisations registered as members of IFOAM, 72 from Africa.


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