Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | June 5, 2008

US and European sales of organic food and drinks will rise strongly

US and European sales of organic food and drinks were $31.8bn in 2005, and are projected to rise to $58.9bn by 2010. adds new report – Future Ingredient Trends in Food and Drinks – Growth opportunities in natural, wellness, functional, weight control, exotic products and food safety ..

Growth opportunities in natural, wellness, functional, weight control, exotic products and food safety. The ingredients market is undergoing some radical changes due to concerns over the global economy, the safety and sustainability of ingredient supply and new health claims legislation in Europe. 2007 has been a big year for the natural and wellness markets, and this looks set to continue into 2008 and beyond.

Future Ingredient Trends in Food and Drinks is a new management report that provides insights into the applications of functional ingredients within foods, beverages and supplements. The report is spilt into trend specific segments and within each chapter it analyzes the current market drivers, key trends and potential future ingredients. Assess the competitive landscape of the food and drinks ingredients market and benchmark the performance and strategies of its leading players with this new report…

This new report will enable you to…
• Quantify and target future growth areas with this report’s market value and epidemiological data, to determine the potential and future growth of each key trend and gain insight into why food safety and exotics are set to find consumer traction in 2008.
• Implement best-practice strategies using case studies from current market leading products that dominate niche and mass-market channels, and use analysis of clinical studies to determine effectiveness and potential use of future ingredients for each trend.
• Identify the market drivers and key issues effecting the ingredients market such as free from, organics and child nutrition, and receive the latest update on EU legislation and how this will impact product marketing in 2008 and beyond.
• Create more effective competitive strategies based on opinions of industry experts from companies such as Beneo-Palatinit GmbH and HortResearch via qualitative in-depth interviews to give an indication of the future of the ingredients market.

Key issues examined by this report…

• A shift towards wellness and healthy foods has been the focus of consumer attention and manufacturers are adjusting their marketing staregies to suit these demands.
• Overweight consumers are the real focus of diet products and formulations. Weight loss has always been at the forefront of innovation and the global obesity epidemic is not set to be controlled any time soon.
• A huge growth in the demand for exotic foods is the result of the success of ‘superfruits’. The growth of products possessing a high antioxidant capacity has been driven by fruits such as pomegranate, goji and noni. As the demand is set to grow, natural products from Africa are gathering pace.

Some key findings from this report…

• Growth in the US oral beauty supplements market will slowdown from 18.7% between 2001-2006 to 8.7% between 2006-2011. Total market value will be $1.3bn by 2011.
• US and European sales of organic food and drinks were $31.8bn in 2005, and are projected to rise to $58.9bn by 2010. The development of the organic market is continuing due to the popularity of the ‘natural’ channel which a ccounts for 20% of the total natural and organic sector.
• The US functional food and drinks market was valued at over $21.3bn in 2006 and is set to rise by 5.0% between 2006 and 2011. Emerging innovative categories such as beauty, wellness and digestive health are helping sustain this level of growth as part of a general move towards better-for-you foods and beverages.
• The potential value of the green tea market in 2011 will be $204m in the US and Europe combined. Green tea sales in the US increased by 6.1% between 2000 and 2005. It is a significant ingredient in the weight loss category.

Key questions answered by this report…

• Who are the leading innovators in ingredients?
• What is the size of beauty oral supplements market?
• What are the current ingredient trends in the exotic, condition specific, beauty and weight control markets?
• What is the market potential for th e major functional food and beverage categories in Europe and the US?
• How is the issue of safety driving ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ ingredients?
• What is the difference between nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics?
• Which scientifically-supported ingredients will be important in the future food and drinks market?

source: freshplaza


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