Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | May 8, 2008

An organic, juicy and wholesome fruit

Naturally-grown fruits and vegetables are a rare commodity these days as most of the fruits and vegetables are cultivated using chemical fertilisers making them hazardous to the health of consumer. This fear has forced consumers to opt for organic foods which are cultivated using natural fertilisers.

There is one fruit that is never contaminated with chemicals and has remained an organic fruit for decades. Ice apple (taati munjelu) is the most sought-after fruit in the summer. It is not only an organic fruit but also keeps up the glucose levels and helps us withstand the heat wave. According to doctors, ice apple provides a balanced nutrition comprising glucose, minerals and other necessary energy for the consumers.

“The fruit grows naturally absorbing the minerals in the ground and does not require fertiliser. There is no special method of cultivating them either which is unique to the ice apple”, says Indian Medical Association district unit president VS Prasad. An ice apple vendor, B Appala Swamy of Korukonda village, says that the fruit is plucked from the tree in the early hours. “We buy the trees from landowners and cut the fruit. We sell about Rs 200 to Rs 500 worth of ice apples everyday. Its sale makes our day during summer”, he says.

Ice apple is probably the cheapest organic fruit that one could afford. A dozen fruits will cost about Rs 5 to Rs 10 in the current scenario where prices of organic fruits have shot up due to increasing demand for them.



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