Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | April 28, 2008

MFPI to invest 100 mlln Euros to set up organic food parks

The ministry for food processing industries (MFPI) has proposed to set up organic food parks across the country. The minister for food processing industries, Subodh Kant Sahai announced, “The aim of my ministry is not limited to solely promoting organic production but also to encouraging value addition through processing, and this extends to organic products. There is also a proposal from the industry to set up organic food parks.”

Disclosing the magnitude of the investment, he said, “We plan to develop organic farming in the country with investments going up to 100 million euros in 23 states with partial support from the government.”

MFPI has already implemented the National Programme for Organic Production with the aim of promoting organic agriculture, creating demand for organic products and for improving the environment conditions in the country. “Through this process, the country has already established a credible quality assurance system to meet the consumer expectations. With the commitment shown by the Indian farmers and exporters, India was able to meet the EU, Swiss and US requirements of product standards and certification,” Sahai expressed.

MFPI has also framed its domestic standards for organic products that are largely based on the NPOP standards. “This became necessary in light of the growing domestic demand for organic products. With organised retail fast taking shape and imported foodstuff also finding its way to the Indian market, countries wishing to export organic products to India would need to comply with the Indian regulations and the products would need to be certified by Indian-accredited certification bodies,” he added.



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