Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | April 16, 2008

Multimedia on Organic Agriculture Launched in Eastern Cuba

The digital work is already being used in different education centers in the eastern province and is expected to be distributed in other schools and specialized centers throughout Cuba.

The multimedia was created by engineer Obdulio Mora Avila, who is an IT professor at the municipality of Puerto Padre, with the cooperation of specialists from the local Vladimir Ilich Lenin University.

The work includes videos and information on dozens of topics related to the environment, the appropriate use of water and the exploitation of soils.

It also addresses the significance of organic fertilizers like worm humus, compost, as well as other techniques like animal traction, and biological pest and disease control.

The multimedia provides ideas on how to build organic gardens and how to produce vegetable in small plots of land based on organic techniques.

It also addresses the use of modern plantain cultivation techniques.

Environmental programs currently being developed in Cuba, such as the reforestation of river sides, land improvement and conservation plans being implemented in specific Cuban areas, as well as the fight against desertification and drought are subjects contained in the multimedia work.



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