Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | March 6, 2008

More Americans Seeking Organic Health Supplements

Millions of Americans use supplements to enhance their health every day, studies show. But did you know that some supplements – those that contain artificial coloring, chemicals, sweeteners and other additives – may actually be detrimental to your health?

A growing body of evidence suggests that many of the additives found in our food and some health supplements may cause adverse reactions in some people. In fact, one study by researchers at North Shore Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in New York, found a link between certain foods and additives like artificial coloring and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

“Many of the so-called vitamins and supplements marketed as improving health are actually filled with potentially harmful artificial ingredients,” says Nancy Leavitt, president and founder of Dr. Organics, a company that specializes in organic and all-natural health supplements. “That’s one reason why more and more people are turning to organic products for greater health benefits. One recent study by Datamonitor indicates that by 2009, Americans will spend $20 billion annually on natural and organic products.”

If you are currently taking a dietary supplement, or considering adding one to your health regimen, consider these facts:

* Up to 70 percent of solid vitamins or supplements are simply excreted from the body, according to numerous studies.

* Liquid supplements offer much higher absorption rates – up to 90 percent depending on the supplement.

* The increase in the number of Americans with food allergies can be directly linked to the pervasive use of and consumption of artificial ingredients, many health experts agree.

* In 2007, nearly 70 percent of Americans took dietary supplements, according to a survey commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

* Many supplement users take handfuls of multiple products to achieve different health benefits, from cardiovascular to bone and joint support and to fulfill daily vitamin requirements.

“Clearly demand is growing for a dietary supplement that is organic in nature, provides complete health benefits and offers optimum absorption and efficacy,” Leavitt says. “Products like Dr. Organic’s new Body Shot, a physician’s grade liquid supplement, are finding growing consumer interest in the marketplace.”

Factors that differentiate the new Body Shot product from other supplements include:

* The use of all-natural preservatives and organic ingredients.

* High antioxidant content, as well as a bone and joint complex, and heart complex ingredients. Acai berry, recognized as a top source of antioxidants, builds the immune system, protects the heart and supports prostate health.

* CoQ10, a compound that shows signs of promoting greater heart health.

* Easy-to-maintain, once-a-day use eliminates the need for multiple supplements to fulfill multiple health goals.

“Until now, products of this caliber have been really geared toward elite athletes, but Body Shot is intended to also provide optimum health benefits for everyone – from Baby Boomers to children,” Leavitt says.

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  1. I have read quite a few articles and warnings on supplements containing artificial coloring additives and chemicals which can have detrimental effects on health. Your article reconfirms these views. I live a very hectic life driving down three hours daily, up and down from my office. Add another 8-10 hours in the office. It has started taking toll on my body and my food habits did not help me either. I was not getting enough nutrition from my food, felt week or sleepy in office. I was advised by my doctor to consult a nutritionist who advised me to try new vitality’s ruby reds which is completely organic, provides a powerful antioxidant support and probiotic blend for digestive support. I am feeling like the same energetic Len; thanks to genuine supplements from companies like body shot and new vitality.

  2. I spoke with a customer service agent with Ruby Red(s) and he stated that it is not Organic.
    Yes it is made from organic compounds, as in things that were once living. However, it is not a certified organic product, nor does it say that on the product packaging.
    The advertisement on the radio mentioned that ,”due to the use of pesticides and [what not], most daily consumed foods do not supply the nutrient value that our body requires.” So since I considered this before buying the product. I assumed that that the product would not contain pesticides, considering an advertisement claiming that pesticides in most foods leach our body of nutrients. Since Ruby Red(s) is not certified organic there is no way of finding out if it has pesticides or not, save a home test kit or laboratory analysis.

    Considering the fact that most people who order a health supplement think it must be good for you, time and time again I have found that not to be, especially in this case. Most health supplements contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, you name it. Unless labeled certified organic or at least organic, your supplements are likely tainted. Not so good for people who are trying to become healthy.

    I ordered the product, received that which was asked for, and tried it out. Little did I know that this drink was nothing like fruit juice as advertised on the radio. This is definitely not the ovaltine of fruit drinks. Speaking to a customer service agent, I implied that the product tasted like beets. Though not listed on the ingredient label, he further replied with the following statement: “Well you probably got that from the bottom of the barrel.” “Bottom of the barrel”, I thought to myself?
    I spoke with the agent and he further informed me that “Yes, beats are red, so that’s probably is why your Ruby Red(s) tastes like that”.
    Funny that Ruby Red(s) is not organic nor does it contain the word beet on any part of the packaging. Apparently the consistency of powder that I ordered had more of a beet sort of ingredient than the other ingredients . Thus the reason for it tasting so potent. The term “potent” was that used of the customer service agent on the phone. If you mean by potent, tastes like chalky beet juice, that would be correct. “Chilling,” I thought to myself, “another sucker really is born every day, me being one of them!”

    Well hoping I had not been duped, I tried the product for another couple of days. There was some change in my energy levels, a little be more “schawing” in my step I suppose. I will say I am satisfied with the effects of the product. However, this stuff does NOT taste good, unless you’re getting the stuff from the cream of the crop on the top. All others will get … the bottom of the barrel.

    Sad ,huh, even the service agent said his mom happened to get the “potent” mix, I thought, wow if only he had to shell out sixty bones and drink that stuff. Does he know what he’s putting his mom through?

  3. Where do you purchase Body Shot supplements and there a website that describes the product?

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