Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | March 3, 2008

Cubans launched local organic farming experiment

Sir, Christopher Caldwell argues in his column of February 23/24 against any benefit from Fidel Castro’s regime. I would argue that one development not mentioned in his article is a benefit for all. That would be the development of a system of local organic agriculture, both rurally and in urban areas.

This development arose during the so-called “special period” after the fall of the Soviet Union. Not only was agricultural method changed, but the supporting infrastructure for this kind of agriculture was developed. Whether or not this development is sufficient for local food security is a vital question. This question is vital because oil and gas resources are becoming more expensive and spot shortages have already occurred.

Industrial agriculture is heavily dependent on oil and gas for all aspects of the industry. Biological methods will be more important in the future as well as local food production.

So the Cuban experiment is important, despite the nature of the government and whatever dissatisfactions the people there have experienced.



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