Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | February 20, 2008

Positive results for organic products in France

In 2007, four of ten French consumed products from organic origin, a study of “Baromètre 2007 de l’ Agence Bio” revealed. 78% of parents demand organics for their children to make sure they grow up healthy – but especially for the benefit of the environment. Brands of dedicated supermarkets, but also traditional stores, offer certified products, which are now available everywhere. This confirms their success among consumers in France, reports the Italian organization AIAB. Organics are no longer a niche market, but have become a habit in the country. Consumers eat organics for the authenticity of products, but not only, as those who argue environmental sustainability as a main reason for the continuous growth confirm. In 2003, 79% of organic consumers stated they considered the environment as a factor – today there are 90%.Regarding economy, the industry had an average growth of 10% per year within the past five years. In 2007, the turnover for organic products in France was 1.9 billion Euros. But despite this, organics only have a share of 1.2% of the market for food products in France.




  1. Here are some figures from the UK Market Size.
    Some notes of interest I have put together over the last 6 years.
    I have been doing research on all things organic.
    These are not exact figures.

    Organic Grocery sales in the UK = £2 billion.

    This is 2% of the £100 billion Grocery market.

    80% of all organic is sold by the supermarkets.

    20% by the independents.

    20% of organic is sourced in the UK.

    80% is imported.

    Organic is growing world wide at about 20% per annum.

    Organic in the UK is growing exponentially.
    Certainly at 20% per annum.


    Supply and demand – can it keep up?
    Follow the news

    Dr Walter Yellowlees Book – Dr In the Wilderness.

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