Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | February 6, 2008

India : Organic Textiles – Farming to Finishing – a resounding success

The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit organized one day Seminar on “Organic Textiles – Farming to Finishing” in Mumbai on January 18, 2008.

Mr. Mahendra Tanna, Vice-President, TAI Mumbai Unit welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr. J. N. Singh, Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, Guest of Honour, Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka, Managing Director, Alok Industries Limited., Key Note Speaker, Dr. C. D. Mayee, Chairman, Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, speakers and delegates.

Mr. C. Bose, President, TAI, Mumbai Unit mentioned in his presidential address about consumer demand for organic textile is growing in double digits. The consumer awareness for ecology & environment is growing all over the world. There is increasing demand for ecofriendly & organic products. This also extends to organic textiles. More number of large retailers & buyers are pushing the demand for organic textiles.

Mr. V. C. Gupte, Chairman & Convener, briefed about the Seminar. He said that consumers all over the world are increasingly becoming environmental and health conscious. Developing concerns for protecting ecology and preventing global warming is boosting the demand for organic products across all categories. Textile is no exception to this global trend. Purchasing an organic textile was considered more of an emotional and philosophical decision, unlike purchase of organic food, which has obvious health benefits.

As more and more statistical dataemerged, every one realized that it was not a ‘fad’ – Just to give you one example, the world’s 25% harmful pesticides are used for cotton cultivation which covers only 3% of farmland. And most of these pesticides were manufactured & used as warfares as chemical weapons during World Wars I & II.

There is however no doubt that due to consumers increasing demands & pressures, the large retailers & buyers are very strongly pushing organic textiles. It may appear that there may be commercial strings attached to it in addition to eco and environmental concerns or even social accountability. It is the right time to create the awareness and educate all in the textile supply chain about Organic Textiles.

The Textile Association, Mumbai Unit felicitated Dr. W. B. Achwal with Life-Time Achievement Award and Dr. Bart van Kuijk, Managing Director, DyStar India Pvt. Ltd. for their contribution in the field of textile processing.

Dr. C. D. Mayee, Chairman, Agriculturist and Scientist Recruitment Board, while delivering his key note address informed that 5% of the area under agriculture consumes 50% of the pesticides. It takes atleast 10 years to turn the agriculture area to grow organic products. There are thousands of hectares of barren land in cotton growing states where growing organic cotton was feasible.

Entire Vidharbha region can go organic and no farmer will be induced to commit suicide provided proper planning is done. Cuba went organic by default, but India has to make proper long term planning to provide sustainability for the farmers going organic, he stressed. India was the only country where all types of cotton was grown.




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