Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | February 3, 2008

New Organic Cosmetic Ingredients Destined for the UK

Safic-Alcan is taking organic cosmetic ingredients extracted using brine from the coast of Brittany to UK shores to target the developing selective market.

The Ecocert certified ingredients are aimed at the increasingly discerning UK market, which follows on from a strong development in the French market.

Produced by Herbarom Laboratoire in France and distributed in Europe by the Safic-Alcan group, the Naturels range has been extended in the UK to include six new extracts.

Safic-Alcan UK spokesperson Ken Jones said that the market for specialty organic cosmetic ingredients is set to grow in the UK as consumers become more knowledgeable and inquisitive.

Jones said the Naturels range has developed a strong presence in the French market because the Gallic consumer is more of a connoisseur and is more likely to ask for advice from a pharmacist concerning particular ingredients and effects.

The growth of specific requests in the UK and the development of the country’s selective organic market in general led Safic-Alcan to introduce the Naturels range onto the UK market last year and then extend the range for the New Year.

The new ingredients for the UK market are apricot, cranberry, ginger, grapefruit hibiscus and lime.

Jones said all but one of the new ingredients were fruits because they could be easily identified and appreciated by the UK consumer whose knowledge of other potential extracts such as vine leaves is less certain.



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