Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | January 26, 2008

Haryana to promote organic farming

Haryana State Co-operative Supply and Marketing Federation Limited (HAFED) has decided to plan a holistic approach to promote organic farming in the state.

While stating this here on Friday, the Agriculture Minister Harmohinder Singh Chatha said that the farmers would get the benefits of professional and fair linkage ,easy market access and environmental benefits with ‘ commitment to go organic’ as the only investment on farmer front out of this approach.

He said that initially, the project would target at 5000 acres of land of about 1000 farmers and these farmers would be provided best technological inputs including training and farm level advisory services as per standards of organic farming.

Chatha said that organic certification as per international standards would be done to facilitate domestic and export market for the output and the HAFED had tied up with a non government organization namely Morarka Foundation, having nation wide presence and wide spread experience on state level organic farming projects to provide farmer services.

He informed that all expenditure on farmer services, certification procedure, consultancy etc. was being done by the HAFED and a weekly radio program on various aspects of organic farming had also been aired for the farmers. He said that organic farming and demand of organic certified consumer products had been rising appreciably in most of the countries and progressive farmers were taking advantage of the same.

The Minister said that many small and marginal farmers though desirable of adopting organic farming were held back due to lack of technological awareness, high cost of certification and unavailability of ready market. He said that this effort by HAFED would not only enlighten the farmers in the most appropriate manner, it would also save farmers from substandard inputs and ensure genuine organic products for consumers at competitive prices.




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