Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | January 7, 2008

Debate initiated on organic silk

All things organic – from food products to cosmetics – have a huge market these days. And if an idea being floated by the Central Silk Technological Research Institute (CSTRI) takes a concrete shape, the lustrous silk saris could also go organic.The research institute, attached to the Central Silk Board, conducted a seminar on Friday which debated the possibility of producing organic silk, never attempted so far anywhere in the world.

Subrata Roy, Director of CSTRI, suggested that wild varieties of silk such as “Tussar” and “Moga” could be the first ones to go organic, followed by those produced through sericulture. There were already inquiries on organic silk from countries such as Brazil, he said.

Guidelines There were no certification guidelines in place yet for manufacturing organic silk, said Vasudeva, Deputy Quality Officer of the IMO Control (Pvt.) Ltd., a certifying agency. But a combination of existing norms for agriculture, animal husbandry and textiles could be adopted for organic certification.

Admitting that there were several grey areas to be tackled in the procedure, he suggested that it could be developed with the help of the scientific community over the period of time.

T.M. Veeriah, Joint Director of the Central Silk Board, said that declining soil health was a major area of concern which necessitated organic cultivation in all realms.

Dr. Roy emphasised that organic cultivation was not just matter of marketing strategy, but an ethical issue linked to the larger question of nature and human existence.

H. Basker, CEO of the Central Silk Board, inaugurated the seminar.




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