Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | January 5, 2008

Organic ‘Urgurke’ nominated for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008

With the submission of the Urgurke, an older type of Asian cucumber that has been selected in the co-innovation project ‘Vergeten soorten, nieuwe marktpotenties’ (Forgotten species, new market opportunities)* for our conditions, Enza Zaden and Eosta are among the 10 nominees for the 2008 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. The Urgurke includes three innovations in one: a new cucumber with an authentic taste (innovation in product), the unique collaboration behind the product (innovation in development) and the environmentally friendly and original ‘baguette bag’ packaging (innovation in packaging).

The ‘Urgurke’ is a one-of-a kind organic cucumber. Dark green, with a rough skin, it is refreshingly crisp, moist and juicy. The ‘Urgurke’ comes wrapped in bio-degradable packaging. This classic cucumber variety is one of the world’s oldest vegetables, revived and introduced on the market thanks to a highly original research project dedicated to ‘forgotten varieties’. The entire concept for the Urgurke harks back to generations past, “the strong values of yesteryear presented in a modern jacket”. This exceptional product appeals greatly to consumers, as shown by shop tests in Germany.

Samples of the ‘Urgurke’ will be on display for tasting at the booth of both Eosta and Enza Zaden during the next Fruit Logistica in Berlin, February 7-9, 2008. You will find Eosta in the Holland Fresh Group pavilion, hall 3.2, booth C-10 and Enza Zaden in hall 01.2, booth D-05.

The new variety will be launched on the English market as ‘Wild Cucumber’ and on the Dutch market as ‘Oerkomkommer’.



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