Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | December 29, 2007

India : Model farm for organic cotton by SICA

The South India Cotton Association has developed a model farm here for organic cotton.

According to an association official, the farm is developed jointly with Super Spinning Mills and the cotton varieties Sara 2 and Sara 33 have been sown on 60 cents.

The plant is about 80 days old now. From next month, the association plans to invite delegations to the farm. The demand is increasing in the U.S. and the European Union market on organic cotton and fabric made from it.

Awareness about these products is on the rise in the domestic market too. Hence, the association decided to demonstrate cultivation of organic cotton through its model farm.

“It is biocotton. We have used only the natural method for cultivation of these cotton varieties,” the official said. The programme is supported by the Organic Exchange.

As many as 13 technologies of organic method of farming have been adopted. Farm yard manure, bio-fertiliser and natural predator pests have been used.

All the methods followed are in line with international standards. The total life of the crop is 180 to 190 days, he says.

The association has been growing cotton on the plot for the last three seasons to demonstrate different cotton cultivation methods to farmers and the industry.



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