Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | December 23, 2007

India’s first tribal growers’ organic coffee brand launched

India’s first tribal growers’ organic coffee brand was launched in the Araku Valley on Friday by Union minister of state for commerce Jairam Ramesh. The Araku Emerald brand was derived from the only coffee in India to be grown by a tribal co-operative and to have received both an international and a Fair Trade certification. Some 4,000 tribals were present at the launch.

The Araku Emerald brand will be ready for export soon after certification by accredited agencies. It will compete with the best organic and Fair-Trade certified coffees in the world. The minister also inaugurated the Araku Coffee Processing Unit near Vishakapatnam. The unit will provide quality processing for 200 tonnes this season and 600 the next.

The production of Araku Emerald premium organic coffee is part of the Tribal Livelihoods programme being facilitated by Naandi foundation in collaboration with the Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Paderu, the Coffee Board and international experts in coffee quality-control and in biodynamic and organic products.

The minister hoped that this project would, over the next five years, benefit 50,000 small and marginal farmers across 50,000 acres. Some nine months ago, M:r Ramesh had visited Araku Valley and suggested that this be developed as one of India’s leading organic-coffee producing tribal co-operatives.




  1. I am interested in contacting and possibly sourcing this Araku Emerald coffee – do you have a contact for the co-operative?

  2. I am interesed in importing to NZ fair trade organic arabica coffee beans from india can you supply. please respond.

    thank you,

    Kind regards,

  3. I am interested in procuring organic coffee beans for a proposed organic cafe. Would you be able to send me some samples, rates, and the contacts as soon as possible.

    Thank You,


  4. I will be starting a organic cafe very soon, so i would like to know the rates of the organic coffee beans and the contact details.

    Thank you,

    Mamatha Reddy

  5. I want to export organic coffee to singapore. would you be able to send me some samples,rates,and the contacts as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


  6. i have an organic coffee shop in goa and would be very interested in selling your coffee. can you please send details, rates and contacts. thank you Jane Tregunna

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