Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | December 12, 2007

Organic products worth 244 million Euros in Belgium

ccording to the data of Bioforum, consumers in Belgium bought organic products worth 244 million Euros last year. The organic agricultural production was not sufficient for the domestic demand with 2 % of the total production. Most organic production took place in Wallonia (3.4 % of the total production), while Flanders had a share of 0.5 %.The annual amount spent on organics was 23.3 Euros per person. Supermarkets had the highest sales of organic products with a share of 61 %, followed by whole food stores with 31 %. On-farm sales amounted to 3.5 % and farmers’ markets to 3 %. (Picture: Origino organic supermarkt in Ghent).

The most common products were eggs (7 %), rice (3.9 %), jam, (3.4 %), flowers (3.2 %), vegetables (3.1 %), pasta (2.7 %), bread (2.3 %), fruit (1.6 %) and fruit (1 %).

The organic market in Belgium in general but in Brussels in particular is quite underdevelopped. There is not one organic supermarket in the Belgian capital ! sourec:


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