Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | December 2, 2007

Organic Marketing Forum 2008 – 3rd International Meeting on Marketing of Organic Food in Warsaw in May 2008

European business people and experts for organic production and trade meet on the 26th and 27th of May 2008 in Warsaw at the “Organic Marketing Forum”. After having been a big success in 2006 and 2007, the Forum will take place a second time in the Polish capital city. About 350 entrepreneurs, experts and decision makers from all over Europe will take part. Because of the high demand for organic raw material, this year it is also for exporting farmers a good idea to join the meeting. The participants will exchange experiences and know how on the production and trade of organic food and find new partners for their organic corporations.

The aim of the Organic Marketing Forum is to bring those companies together who want to get new business ideas and contacts for their regional market and those who are interested in exporting organic products into the booming organic markets of Europe. The program of the Forum includes 20 presentations from organic companies and leading experts of Central and Eastern Europe. This year there are also presentations for commodities producer and organic caterer and restaurants. All speeches will be translated into English, Polish and German. There is also a four hour excursion to trade companies in the Warsaw area. In addition organic companies will exhibit their products and services in an exhibition area during the meeting.

“The new EU-member states are developing their own national markets and are also able to export high quality organic food and raw material. The old member states are interested in innovative products and new partners. The Organic Marketing Forum is a good opportunity to meet both – East and West”, says Bernhard Jansen, Chairman of EkoConnect. EkoConnect – International Centre for Organic Agriculture of Central and Eastern Europe organizes the meeting in cooperation with the Polish organic farmers association Ekoland, the Organic Retailers Association (ORA) and under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Lower early registration fees are available until the 25th of January 2008. More information can be found at





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