Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | November 29, 2007

World’s First ‘Food Grade’ Organic Weed Killer

Pharm Solutions Inc. announced EPA Registration for the Bio Chemical “Weed Pharm,” the world’s first food grade organic herbicide. Weed Pharm, a non selective weed and grass killer, whose active ingredient is 200 grain “food grade” vinegar, has been the project of Pharm Solutions since early 2004. Pharm Solutions manufactures the only USDA Certified Organic Pesticides in the world (USDA Certification November 2006) and the “food grade” organic herbicide is a natural addition to the organic line.

Catherine H. Daniels, Extension Specialist, Washington State University comments, “Several years ago, scientists at the USDA-ARS Sustainable Agriculture Systems Laboratory tested the ability of vinegar / acetic acid to act as an herbicide. Initial results showed that 20% acetic acid (200 grain vinegar) had an acceptable level of control against certain weeds. The news created a huge surge in product demand and swamped Extension Agents with public requests for information. In many locations around the country we can only recommend EPA Registered products, which created a dilemma for us because at that time there were no legally registered herbicides at the 200 grain

RTU strength. Some companies sold products illegally or with misleading claims: that just added to the confusion. Some people bought and used illegal products: that raised safety concerns. In general it was a messy and often frustrating situation.” “The EPA Registration of Weed Pharm solves these problems,” states Susan E. Lewis, Founder and Pres, “and enables states, cities, counties, municipalities and individuals the opportunity to reduce synthetic chemical exposure without sacrificing results.” Weed Pharm will be available at Whole Foods, Smith and Hawken, Fred Meyer and Independent Lawn and Garden Centers across the US, in 1 liter and 1 gallon sizes. Bulk sales are available in 55 gallon drum and truckload quantities by calling Pharm Solutions Inc. at 805.927.7500.

For more information on Weed Pharm, the only food grade organic herbicide, please visit Pharm Solutions Inc., a WA State Corp, with offices in California, manufactures the world’s first and only “USDA Certified Organic” insecticides, miticides and fungicides, Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.



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