Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | November 11, 2007

The 4th International Organic & Natural Products Fair Shanghai, China

CHINA(Organic & Natural Products Shanghai, China), as the first professional and the largest exhibition of organic and natural products, is organized by OFDC-SEPA (Organic Food Development Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration) and receives great supports from many domestic and overseas organizations such as IFOAM, GREENPEACE, OCIA, JONA, ECOCERT, IMO, WIT. “ONP-CHINA” has been held for three years and it facilitates the development of the organic and natural products to a large extent.

An industry great event
61% of visitors from the Asian countries, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.; 39% from regions outside Asia, including Europe (20%), the Americas (18%), Australia (1%), and so on.

Excellent trading platform
The last exhibition, 36% of the visitors from the world’s major retail buyers, agents / dealers accounted for 35%. production / manufacturing accounted for 20%.

Natural and organic products swarmed into ONP-CHINA
ONP-CHINA displayed by the product coverage ranging from raw materials to finished products. 65% of exhibits for natural foods and organic raw materials, 12% for the vitamin nutrition exhibits, 15% of the exhibits are of wine, tea, oil, textiles, 8% of the exhibits for personal care products.



  1. I’m interested in learning more about organic foods in China and specifically, growers & wholesalers of organic foods.

    When is the next expo in China for organic goods?

    thank you,
    Jay Bridgewater

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