Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | November 11, 2007

Go into organic farming, says Sarawak Deputy CM(Malaysia)

More companies and farmers should venture into organic farming to produce healthier vegetables, fruits and other crops, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam. He said the state could, for example, produce organic pepper which would fetch premium prices in the world’s niche markets.

”Organic farming, which does not use chemicals and pesticides, is good for the health and the environment,” he told reporters after opening the State Farmers’ Organisation (SFO) 22nd annual general meeting at Holiday Inn here on Thursday.

Dr Chan, also Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture, said farmers and companies should take advantage of the state’s vast land resources and various agricultural research findings and expertise to venture into commercial food production.

He urged the 28 area farmers’ organisations statewide to identify suitable land in their respective areas for commercial agriculture.

They should, he said, team up with foreign investors to embark on large-scale joint-venture food production for the export markets.




  1. […] kevin wrote an engrossing place today onHere’s a hurried excerptMore companies and farmers should stake into nonsynthetic job to display better vegetables, fruits and another crops, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr martyr Chan Hong Nam. He said the land could, for example, display nonsynthetic … […]

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