Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | November 3, 2007

Action Alert: European vote on Genetic Engineering

Europe’s top environment politician, EU-Commissioner Stavros Dimas, enraged agro-chemical companies last week when he refused to allow the cultivation of two varieties of genetically modified maize (Bt 11 and 1507).

He said GM crops should not be approved until new methods have been developed for assessing long-term risks and the effects on birds and butterflies. This is wonderful news!

Other European Commissioners are siding with the industry though, and want to vote on the matter within the next few weeks in Brussels.

We have only days to show our support for the Environment Commissioner’s brave stand — and to let the other politicians know that he speaks for us all.

Can you send a message to Stavros Dimas, to Manuel Barroso (the President of the European Commission) and the Commissioners taking the industry’s side Kyprianou (Health and Consumer Protection) and Fischer-Boel (Agriculture).


Can you write to the EC and forward this message?


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