Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | October 27, 2007

All go for European GM campaigns

It’s all go for our European anti Genetically Modified (GM) crops campaigns. Activists in France hung a very clear message from the iconic Arc de Triomphe in Paris today, urging the French government to make the right move and ban GM. A decision expected to take place in the next few days. Meanwhile our team in Romania had a great victory over French supermarket giant Carrefour.
A Greenpeace team removed Snack Attack bread from Carrefour’s flagship store in Bucharest yesterday, because our tests showed it contains GM Soya. Today, the supermarket removed ALL Snack Attack products from their shelves in Romania.
The bread wasn’t even labelled as containing GM. This breaks European law, which Romania is signed up to. Two-thirds of Romanians overwhelmingly reject GM products. So not even telling them there is GM in food they buy, was seriously out of order.
It’s another victory for a great campaign, which has also persuaded CORA and XXL supermarkets in Romania to completely remove GM products from their shelves.

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