Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | October 26, 2007

Google goes green, sells organic

If you haven’t heard yet, Google is going green. No kidding – the Google store has introduced organic products on sale via its Green Initiative. Though they do not have a diverse range yet, I found the collection quite impressive. Most of the products are made from recycled or eco-friendly material.
For starters, there’s this Ladies’ Bamboo T-shirt ($16.20) that looks pretty regular except that it’s made out of bamboo and cotton. Or the Hemp Travel Organizer that’s 100% plant based (hemp plant) and priced at $31.20. And if you have a baby, dress him/her too with the Infant Cotton Rib Hat ($9.50) to complete the happy (Google) family look. For those who like none of these, there are other products to browse. Try the Footie Bag made from – you guessed right – 100% hemp and filled with recycled plastic. And, in the true spirit of green, your orders will be sent within recycled bags as well.
Check out the Google store to pamper your green temptation

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