Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | October 9, 2007

Submissions Deadline for IFOAM Organic World Congress Extended!

 From June 16th to 20th, 2008, the organic world in all its diversity and uniqueness will gather in Modena, Italy, for the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress, entitled Cultivate the Future.

Cultivating the future is the fundamental motivation common to farmers, consumers, producers, researchers, scientists, activists and all those who believe that Organic Agriculture guarantees future generations with a healthy and fair environment, where they can live in harmony, respecting both the individual and our Earth.

The Congress will be based on the IFOAM Principles of Organic Agriculture: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. Starting from these values, the relevant themes will pertain to:

  • Regional values and indigenous knowledge, or to be more precise the roots from which we should draw experience and inspiration in our everyday actions;
  • Innovation, in all fields, to better project ourselves into a sustainable future;
  • Cooperation among different subjects, producers and consumers, public and private bodies, scientists and operators, South and North, communities, regions, nations.
The IFOAM Organic World Congress will take place in Modena on June 18th-20th, 2008, and will be preceded by three thematic conferences on June 16th-17th:
  • Conference on Organic Wine and Viticulture
  • Conference on Organic Textiles
  • Conference on Organic Fruits 
IFOAM encourages all stakeholders in Organic Agriculture to submit contributions for the Organic World Congress – to be held June 18 – 20 2008 – before the end of October 2007.

The Organic World Congress has two main tracks: the Systems Values track (Click Here) for presentation and exchange of practical experiences from farmers, consumers, campaigns and cooperation; and a Scientific Research track (Click Here), where current academic research and others will be presented and discussed. In addition, contributions for the pre-conferences are also welcome. Textiles – (Click Here), Fruits (Click Here) and Viticulture (Click Here) and thematic conferences on Aquaculture (Click Here) and Organic Body Care and Cosmetics (Click Here). Only papers with a relation to Organic Agriculture can be accepted.

The deadline for submissions has been extended from October 15th to the end of October 2007. Play an active role in this important event, and contribute to the further development of Organic Agriculture by sharing your experiences and findings with the global organic movement!

For more information visit

IFOAM Special Announcement, Responsible: Angela B. Caudle, Contact: Neil Sorensen

Head Office Contact
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5
Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49-228-92650-10
Fax: +49-228-92650-99


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