Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | October 2, 2007

Better Sleep Options with Organic Pillows

Allergies, back problems, stiff joints, and insomnia can all lead to troubled sleep. If you’re not exactly getting to dreamland as your head hits the pillow, maybe the pillow itself is the cause of your problem. Many people don’t realize the impact of cushioning in bedding, pillows, and mattresses and organic alternatives can help you get the much-needed rest you need each and every night.
Hypoallergenic pillows have been on the market for almost a decade, and more people choose these alternative options to cotton in favor of better sleep. While allergy-free materials can help reduce the toxins and chemicals that could be interfering with your night of rest, some brands still aren’t the best for sensitive skin or managing allergic reactions in the long term. Organic cotton, wool, and even silk offer some valuable options.
If you’re looking for a super-soft and plush feel, you can try a 100% pure wool pillow from Rawganique for support and a natural organic cotton construction. These pillows are easy to take care of too; they only require some sun and air to clean out, and are available in soft, medium, and firm support so you have a choice on the density of each. These pillows are designed to adjust to the climate, so moisture is kept at bay and the organic cotton stays soft and comfortable.
Organic buckwheat is another option when you’re looking for something to get rid of that stiff neck. Buckwheat has natural aerating properties that make it much easier to breathe-as you doze off, your chances of reaching deep sleep are much higher. Buckwheat pillows first became popular in the 1980s, and they’re an inexpensive and renewable natural resource. These pillows are also great shape-shifters; they’ll change shapes to support your head and neck, and can be fluffed up back to size in just a few minutes.
Rubber-fill pillows are another option, made with sustainably harvested rubber trees that’s molded into small nuggets. All you need to do is cover it with an organic cotton pillowcase, and you’ll be on your way to a (greener) side of la-la land. The entire pillow is machine washable, and the pillows are made with shredded rubber and you can also find contoured body pillows if you need some extra support.
If you’re having trouble getting your recommended sleep each night, try switching from your petroleum-based foam and inorganic fiber pillows, and choose a healthy, organic alternative instead.
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  1. I agree about the organic buckwheat pillows! They are super comfy and super adjustable while providing firm support for your back and neck.

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