Posted by: Mahdi Ebrahimi | June 27, 2007

1st IFOAM Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values


The marketing of organic products is viewed as a significant link between production and consumers. Today, organic products are becoming increasingly interchangeable, disconnecting the linkage between producer and consumer and diluting their identity. Stakeholders can obviously organize organic production, but in light of continuous growth and the entrance of organic in mainstream markets, it is important to develop new and specific marketing strategies that protect organic product identity, traditional knowledge, and biodiversity, and thus organic farmers and rural communities.

This conference will focus on a discussion of specific marketing strategies that aim to give value to products by taking into consideration their uniqueness. It will deal with the question of how to create and identify regional and other specific values, and ultimately how to translate these values into successful marketing strategies for organic products. Communicating these values to the consumer is part of that strategy. The conference will consider various concepts and marketing strategies, including regulatory approaches, to protect regional values and traditional knowledge. The conference goal is to initiate and foster the discussion and knowledge about marketing of organic and regional values, respective tools and frameworks.

The Main objectives of the conference are to:

Create awareness among organic stakeholders involved in organic marketing for additional values and ways of marketing these values Initiate thinking about new approaches, especially among farmers and their representatives Discuss and review successful examples Identify challenges and opportunities for the sector Information exchange and networking

Target groups:

 Organic producers and processors Traders and sellers Farmers organizations Rural communities Governmental or intergovernmental organizations involved in setting up marketing or promotion programs Representatives of development agencies Other like minded or interested organizations engaged in marketing of social and ecological values Service providers (consultants, researchers, advertising agencies etc.)

Conference Program 

The main issues covered by the conference program are: Regulatory framework to protect regional values (e.g. geographical indications and designations of origin (GI), opportunities and challenges within and out of the regulatory scope (third countries) of the respective European regulations as well as other national or international regulations and its potential for organic products. Marketing strategies for protecting traditional knowledge and biodiversity. Ways to increase added value for farmers/rural communities, organizational and structural requirements. How to best reach consumers and meet their expectations. Ways of marketing organic and regional values and various practical examples. Protection of organic and regional values in local, national and international trade.

Conference Schedule

The conference will begin Sunday August 26th 2007 with a conference reception and entertainment, and continues throughout August 27th and 28th 2007. During the evening of August 27th 2007 there will be a conference dinner, which will take participants on a culinary journey with the theme of ‘pepper meets salt’.



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